Vergó is a feature-drama-Road movie in development.The film is to be produced in 2018

Vergo is a mysterious road movie where we are faced with unexpected things, struggles, shocks and emotions. Along the catching mysterious journey, sad and embarrassing but still enriched with humour makes it special.

Development support has been issued from The Icelandic Film Fund

Story by Jakob Andersen

Directed by Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir

Producers: Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir and Nina Lyng


Pétur eleven lonely nerdy guy lives with his father Atli a professor in Astrophysics. Atli is mentally ill after causing a car accident where Maria Pétur’s mother was injured and has been in a coma ever since. Atli cheats on his medicin and is getting strange. He talks to imaginary people and is convinced that aliens are on their way to the earth. Pétur’s effort to get close to him doesn’t work. Atli suddenly arrives at their house in an old Econoline. Maria is on an mattress in the rear of the car connected to ventilator. Pétur is shocked. Atli says he has been contacted by aliens who can help Maria. They are onboard a spaceship behind the comet Vergo that is passing earth. They will land on an isolated mountain far north in two days. Pétur is reluctant to go. When Atli tells him of peculiar signs in his computer he becomes convinced. Soon after they are out of town with the police on their tail. They have no other option than driving the rough gravel roads in the highlands. Pétur is worried about his mother shaking on her mattress. He wants his father to turn back. Atli accuses him of wanting his mother to die and Pétur gives up. It gets dark and foggy. Out of the fog comes a tourist and they have to let him in. He asks rude questions about Maria and Atli throws him out. Now strange things begin to happen. The radio is getting in and out and Atli says the aliens are trying to contact them. It gets dark and lightnings strike the electricity wires crossing the lava. Pétur is terrified. They reach a huge river and Atli doesn’t know what to do. Pétur is forced to drive the car to cross the river. Atli’s condition gets worse. Pétur reminds him of his pills. Atli throws them out of the window. Pétur feels obliged to help his father to safe them all. After a long drive Atli is mainly talking to himself, afraid they wont make it in time. Pétur begs him to stop and rest. They put Maria in a wheelchair and have a bite outside. Atli is restless and doesn’t eat. Suddenly Maria opens her eyes. Pétur eagerly takes her hand and talks to her hoping she is waking up. But that doesn’t happen. They take a nap in the back of the car. Next morning Atli is gone. Pétur looks for him and shortly after Atli comes back stating that he has message from the aliens. They are landing earlier so they better hurry. It is raining heavily and Atli is driving like mad. Peter is worried about his mother. Suddenly the car hits a lamb crossing the road. The lamb is bloody and dead. Pétur accuses Atli of killing his mother. They have a serious row where Atli breaks down admitting his guilt. Now he wants to go home. Pétur encourages him to keep on. Close to the mountain the car stops. Pétur runs for petrol to an isolated farm near by managing to escape the curious farmer. In a dark stormy weather they reach the mountain. Atli pushes Maria in the wheelchair up the mountain with Peter leading the way with a torchlight. When they finally reach the top of the mountain no aliens are awaiting. They have mistaken a police’s helicopter for a spaceship. A few days later Maria dies. Life has changed but not for worse. Father and son have found each other accepting the death of Maria.

Take a look at the trailer:

https://vimeo.com/185472597   Password: Asta